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About Us

Lust FM IBIZA is an independent not for profit online radio station where we are broadcasting only DJ mixes (sometimes with live shows. Not that kind of shows! Only dressed people behind the turntables). We live in Ibiza and the best thing we could do instead of complaining about other kind of music on the radios we were listening to is to create our own channel. And we were always dreaming about having a radio station...and a studio. We will highly appreciate if you will be listening to our stream.

live lust

lust shows

if you can get in, you can get in


A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically - which we will upload to the servers of our favorite streaming service provider: Mixcloud.

going Live

Sometimes when we will get toghether for a small or maybe bigger happening where there will be music played we will go live and maybe you will also see us. It really depends on us and a few hundred other things but you will see us, eventually.

Live Back To Back

This will be played back and force by Marta de la Marta a.k.a. MARTA DLM and Tim a.k.a. Tim Angrave all time favorite residents who just happened to have called their performance I AM YOU. One of us had the chance to be with them at Benirras...what can I say?...great stuff (:

just Live

There are certain people on the island who like to get together and do konga performances purely for their own enterntaiment. If we will have a chance to get there with all of our equipments - and we will - there will be a live broadcast of their performances. It is just matter of internet and/or mobile service coverage.

lust exhibition

we are all exhibitionists just some of us are keeping it secret

In this lust photo exhibition you will see a few people's images taken of and/or on the island who are too shy to present themselves naked in public. All the rights of the images are lust.

messages from the co-founders

  • Lust FM IBIZA and friends will truly recognize your kindness if you communicate with us. For all of you who like the 'push the tempo' we created Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles, soon there will be even activity on them. We also have a 'Get Notified' option however first we go with WhatsApp. We will see how long could be kept organized. The 'I am a Producer..and sometimes I play like a DJ' - and of course vice versa - section is coming soon. If you are listening to the chanel for a longer period of time you may discover the essence of the music stream. If you wish to send your mix to us we will listen to it with pleasure, right after we accept uploads. Until then we hope you will enjoy the music we are broadcasting to ourselves. One lust thing. You will never know in what time and what kind of music you will hear. Hopefully it will be a beautiful chaos.

    Author image
    MM co-founder of Lust FM IBIZA
  • What you may say about us? Just the truth. You don't like us? Don't bother telling us. We don't care because that is a matter of taste which is widely relative. You like us? Then please show your appreciation on one of our social media profiles which will soon be expanded with our YouTube channel and Mixcloud podcast profile. Otherwise we see you. More accurately we see that you are listening to our channel. You have an idea or observation? Then you should take all the effort to track down our contact information and tell us via one of the platforms you might like to communicate on. We hope you will find our channel entertaining enough to use it as a creative source for your free time and a motivational point of supply for your study, work and business. Have fun!

    Author image
    MO co-founder of Lust FM IBIZA

before you take the next step please get in touch with your inner soul and ask the following question: "Is that or is not a conscious response of my ego?" If the aswer is No then most probably you are just fulfilling one of your built in programs.

we suggest not to use the contact form

If for some reason you have no other choice you should know that it will take some time to answer to anybody who is using the contact form. If you don't receive an answer in 114 hours that is also an answer.

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Contact Information
Where to Find Us

C/ de la Mediterranea 2.
Ibiza, Islas Balleares
07800 Spain

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Call us at

Phone: (+34) 971 778 461
Mobile: (+34) 6041 20 263
Fax: (+34) 971 778 461